Our next event is Thursday April 26th at 7pm

Stories of Hope through Community Development in London
You are invited to join us on Thursday evening, April 26th for 90 minutes of local, lived experience.
The fast-paced TED talk format will provide 8 inspiring stories of struggles and successes in our communities – illustrating wholistic principles of community involvement based on authentic, reciprocal relationships.  Guest speaker Beth Fellinger, pastor of Destination Church in St. Thomas, will contribute a big picture perspective that will encourage practical application.
It will be an encouraging and fascinating evening with people who want London to be a truly great and compassionate city.
We’ll meet for 90 minutes, starting at 7:00 pm at Beth Emmanuel Church – a yellow brick church at 430 Grey Street. Here is a map: https://binged.it/2py1fcK  You are welcome to arrive at 6:45 and enjoy the refreshments.
Homemade snacks will be provided, by Rob’s mom, Helen, and Churches Together London member, Maggie. After the talks you are welcome to stay and talk. It will be a lively and interesting time.
Churches Together London has held over a dozen similar events since 2010, as a way to connect and encourage Christians from across London. We help provide resources and inspiration, and a way for people to hear first-hand some of the community development stories, struggles and successes we are having right here in London.

A successful CCDA conference in Detroit

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A desire to help in our communities

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Adding Value in St Thomas

Adding value is a key requirement in business, and the corner stone for Destination Church in St Thomas. Started in January 2011, Destination has grown from 17 people in a rented storefront to a respected “spoke in the wheel” for the city of St Thomas. Led by pastor Beth Fellinger, an Alpha course in a… Continue Reading

Northwest Churches are working together

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A great neighbouring conference with Dave Witt and Graham Buchanan

On Saturday, March 7th 70 people came out to the Churches Together London event held at West Park Church in London. It was a great morning of exploring and discussing the wave of relational neighbouring that is changing churches across North America. Rob Hueniken welcomed the guests, and referenced Together LA, an organization in California… Continue Reading

Come hear Dave Witt on March 7th

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We’re excited to hear Noel Castellanos on March 1st

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