London’s Neighbourhood Information

The City of London has collected and organized a wealth of information about London’s 42 neighbourhoods. In addition, groups such as Churches Together London and CCNL are contributing helpful resources and materials.

You can use this page as a jumping-off point, to help you get to information about your particular neighbourhood, and more.

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This is the starting page for the City of London‘s 42-Neighbourhood profile information.On this page you can select your area, then neighbourhood, and drill down to get information, including a map of your neighbourhood showing churches (as of 2006).Click here (or on the icon to the left)
Click here to see London’s main Neighbourhood page.
PDF map of the 42 neighbourhoods, grouped by north, south, east, west.This is helpful for seeing the geography of the neighbourhoods, including the main roads nearby.Click here (or on the icon to the left).

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This is the City of London‘s jump-off point to city-run Neighbourhood programs.
the Neighbourgood Guide (direct link)
Adopt a Park
The London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (LSNS) has a number of documents on their website. (Click here to go to their website.)2009 Neighbourhood Assessment Final ReportLondon initiatives CompendiumInitiatives in Other Cities
The City of London Strategic Plan includes the idea of working together to enhance the quality of life in our community.Click here to go to London’s Strategic Planning page.PDF of the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan (direct link)
Christian Churches Network of London (CCNL) has been taking steps to help each church connect with our city in a way that can make a big difference.Its latest effort is the Community Initiatives Program, headed up by Dale Mackness. This program will be holding organizational meetings in London neighbourhoods, attended by city staff, church representatives, and members of the neighbourhood. Argyle and Westmount are planned to hold the initial meetings, with a goal of reaching all neighbourhoods by the end of 2015.In January 2012, London’s Mayor, Joe Fontana, gave his perspective on CCNL’s initiative to encourage churches to become more involved in serving the City.  He also shared how churches can be a part of the city’s new neighbourhood initiative.CCNL continued the discussion in March 2012 and heard from several City of London department managers. Lynne Livingstone explained the vision for stronger neighbourhoods,  gaving an update on the progress being made, and outlined specific areas and projects where the City needs assistance from the churches.
Started in 1969, the Urban League of London is an umbrella group whose members include a number of neighbourhood and ratepayer associations in the city of London, as well as a smaller set of (primarily) environmental or heritage community organizations.  Individuals with an interest in urban or civic matters may also become individual members of the League.
They believe that strong and connected neighbourhoods are the buildings blocks of a vital, successful, and sustainable city. They believe that the engaged and informed citizen is the foundation of these strong and connected neighbourhoods. Buildings these connections and advocating for their members is what they’ve been ding for more than forty years.
Their president is Greg Thompson.