Getting started with London Neighbourhoods

The City of London has collected and organized a wealth of information about London's 42 neighbourhoods. In addition, groups such as Churches Together London and CCNL are contributing helpful resources and materials.

You can use this page as a jumping-off point, to help you get to information about your particular neighbourhood, and more.

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Two videos were played at our March 26th meeting, to help bring perspective, and to show that other church communities are experiencing a shared desire to help in their neighbourhoods.

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At our meetings there was a resource table with information and book suggestions.

1) These articles can be helpful for exploring the ideas of community development and working together.


"Different Ways to Help a Neighborhood".

"Principles Related to Biblical Outreach".

2) Here are some helpful books, including local links to the Navigators Resources and Creation Bookstore.

Toxic Charity – How Churches And Charities Hurt Those They Help—And How To Reverse It, by Robert D. Lupton

Read a review of this book.

Beyond Charity – The Call to Christian Community Development, by John M. Perkins

Read a review of this book.

Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life – Rethinking Ministry to the Poor, by Robert D. Lupton

When Helping Hurts – How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself, by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

Read a review of this book.

3) Here is our handout from our March 3rd 2012 meeting (our 4th meeting). It has some very good links to information on how to map a neighbourhood's assets, as well as benevolence information.