Our Second Meeting was a Great Success

The second Churches Together London meeting was held on March 26th, 2011 at Hillside Church, and was attended by 55 people.

Two neighbourhood/contribution videos were played and five 5-minute presentations were made on the topics of Parish, Third Place, Conversation, Shalom and Partnership. A breakout session on the five topics resulted in lots of good discussion, ideas and contributions by all. Overall it was a great success, and very encouraging as we move forward in having churches working together in our community

Steph Card led the presentation on Shalom. More than just peace, Shalom encompasses safety, soundness, rest and harmony.

In her Shalom presentation, Steph Card helped us think about the many facets of helping, including via the church, community, and social services.

David Cottrill, of North Park, talked about Parish, and gave historical perspective to the compassionate and diverse involvement of the parish community in the lives of people.

James Kingsley showed two videos, about Neighbouring and Contributing. He also gave the presentation on Third Places – the important public spaces, such as coffee shops and grocery stores, that are central to local participation and community vitality.

Sue Boddaert, Leslie Damude and Bill Kinchlea presented the importance of Conversation, and the efforts of Gateway Church and Trinity Presbyterian in the Limberlost area of London.

Gil Clelland, of Sanctuary London, talked about Partnership and the importance of building relationships. He said that poverty is not a disease of lacking wealth but of lacking connection. Said Gil: "If I'm connected to my friends then they will not go hungry."

Following a 20 minute discussion breakout, each group shared some thoughts on one of the 5 topics. Here Jay Gurnett, a founding member of Churches Together London, summarizes his group's discussion.

Pieter Pereboom, of London First CRC, in discussion with Leslie Damude.


After the meeting, most people stayed on for further, informal discussions. Seen here in white is Darryl Reckman, one of the founders of Churches Together London and Sanctuary London.

The success of Churches Together London lies in the shared efforts and ideas of London's churches. This meeting was both encouraging and inspiring. We look forward to further discussions, connections and being our Lord's hands in good works here in London.

Churches Together London is about people working together, and I am greatly enjoying working with the team on this. Here's me (Rob Hueniken) with James Kingsley, showing some of the joy of working together on good things.  I encourage you to browse our site and share the idea with your own parish and friends. Let's find ways to work together!


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