We’re excited to hear Noel Castellanos on March 1st

Christians are called to be salt and light and to bring transformation to our society. The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) has years of experience with an effective model for “helping without hurting” people in need.

For church leaders and fans of community development, getting to hear Noel Castellanos in their own city is fantastic! March 1st has the makings to be a landmark day for how we think about and work together on community development.

We encourage every church in the London area to sign up for this amazing morning at North Park on March 1st.



Local Outreach Conference

On Saturday, March 1st, Noel Castellanos is at North Park on from 9:00am to noon.   Noel is North American’s foremost voice on Christian Community Development as CEO of CCDA.

This half day conference will be an insight-rich experience, with this world-renowned community leader.



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