It was another Great Conference

North Park hosted another great community development conference on Saturday, January 19th, 2013. The day included sessions by author and community development pioneer, Dr. Bob Lupton, who provided many insights from his years of work on the street. His talk began by telling of preparing his new home in the suburbs, then realizing that he and his wife needed to move right downtown, to be neighbours with the people he needed to serve and understand.

The conference provided many excellent guest speakers, Dennis Funk's expansive resource area from the Navigators' Resource Centre, and an amazing African lunch, organized by Donna Burdock.

The backdrop for the presentations was a marvelous, 5-panel drawing depicting Matthew 13, of the seeds being sown on the various types of ground.

Ron Burdock, the event organizer, did an excellent job, and provided an outstanding day for learning, connecting and widening our Christian understanding of community development. Thanks also to the 25 volunteers for making the day so enjoyable!

As part of Churches Together London, I appreciated meeting so many people with a heart for helping.

We look forward to continuing our efforts together at the next Churches Together London meeting, in April.

Dennis Funk brought his smile and books.

Dr. Bob Lupton gave 3 great sessions and provided many insights,
including those from his work with FCS Ministries in Atlanta.

David Cottrill, Bob Lupton and Rob Hueniken

London councilor, Paul Hubert, spoke in Spanish with Juan.

David Cottrill introduced the World Tailors group at North Park.

There were many good comments and questions.

Gil Clelland, of Sanctuary London, and the open panel discussion.

There was a great turnout and lots of keen interest.

The World Tailors said how they appreciate the program,
with Donna Teeple on the right.

Donna Burdock organized the amazing African lunch.

There were 225 people sharing a wonderful lunch.

The meal included both East African and Ethiopian dishes.

There is lots of interest in community develop in London,
including from YFC's director, James Coolidge (on left).

Dr. Bob Lupton is presented an inukshuk by Ron Burdock.

This father and child were at the conference. It reminded me
of how much our God loves us, and how we need to share
our efforts and His love.

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