Adding Value in St Thomas

We are blessed at Destination churchAdding value is a key requirement in business, and the corner stone for Destination Church in St Thomas. Started in January 2011, Destination has grown from 17 people in a rented storefront to a respected “spoke in the wheel” for the city of St Thomas. Led by pastor Beth Fellinger, an Alpha course in a local restaurant has spun into a spacious and welcoming venue at the corner of Talbot Street and Ross.

As their “We are blessed” attitude proves, relationships are the strength of community, both within the church, and beyond. Right from the start, they have actively listened to what St Thomas needs in a church and as a valued partner with both city and service organizations. Looking past the tendency of churches to duplicate services, the leaders of Destination church are finding ways to add value to their city, and to do it with excellence and integrity.



Karen and her husband help out at Destination Church, and bring
artistry to the hospitality.

The windows give beautiful
light to Destination church.

One of the weekly community activities at Destination church is Stone Soup, named after the shared contribution story by the same name. Thanks to its professional-grade kitchen (added by the venue’s former restaurant owner), the volunteers at Destination are able to create large and delicious meals.

There is lots of seating, and the round tables are an encouragement for conversations and getting to know each other. The round tables are also used for the coffee time and the service on Sunday morning, which is helped by the clever placement of large TVs. At Destination the experience and focus is wide and inclusive.

helping-with-the-food stone-soup-on-thursday

On a recent “Go-See” visit to Destination, Londoners got to learn about the church and participate in the Stone Soup evening. Members of Churches Together London, and conference-goers to the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), recognize and encourage the community involvement and Christian walk happening here.


Pastor Beth Fellinger (on the right) shared
the amazing real estate story of how they
came to finally own this beautiful venue.

Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against
Poverty works with
Destination to help
people get a handle
on their finances,
and to build a solid


This spacious church has lots of room for
special purposes, including a quiet place
for family, and break-out rooms for
discussions and youth.

When I visited Destination I felt very welcome, and was soon happily in conversation. Their Vision Statement includes this poignant line: We link arms with anyone who tells the story of Jesus. Just that one part of their philosophy brought value to my day at Destination.

vision-statement-for-destination rob-and-sharon-at-destination


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